Tips for Preparing and Acing Your Remote Job Interview

This indicates the extent to which remote workers value their remote work setting. Furthermore, research conducted by IWG shows that among performance-based remote work, 85% of businesses highlighted that productivity increased because of greater flexibility. If you go into your first remote hire blindly, you will be unsuccessful.

Nearly half of job seekers report being ‘ghosted’ after an interview … — The HR Director Magazine

Nearly half of job seekers report being ‘ghosted’ after an interview ….

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So spend some time reflecting on how you’d like to answer these questions, then ask a friend to join you on a video chat to practice your responses. According to Jones, the key here is to have a detailed, thoughtful answer (complete with specific examples) prepared. That should be fairly easy for people who’ve worked remotely in the past, but if you haven’t, don’t sweat it. “Sometimes people get tripped up when they are asked a question about a situation they’ve never been in—and remote work is new to a lot of folks,” Jones says. “If this happens, communicate what you would do if you encountered XYZ situation in a remote role; sometimes the thought process is more valuable than the actual answer.»

Final thought: Soft skills can be the deciding factor

If other team members are involved in the interview process, it’s a good idea to have them sit in on the mock interview as well. Read this article about interview questions to ask an interviewee. As a way to keep the interview flowing, try to maintain a structured conversation with the candidate, just as you would with a standard interview. Make sure that you not only have the candidate’s resume in front of you but that you also have a list of pre-determined questions ready to ask. Video platforms including Skype, Meet (formerly known as Hangouts), and Zoom are proven to be excellent platforms to conduct a remote interview. Keep the lines of communication open, especially in the first few weeks.

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This will assist you to better understand the technology and choose a platform that matches your needs. Hopefully, you won’t encounter any technical glitches during your remote job interview. But, you never know when the power will go out, or the Internet will cut out. This might have little to do with how qualified you are remote interview meaning for the job, but having a low-quality mic or webcam during a remote job interview could hurt your chances for the job. Just imagine how it would feel if you interviewed a candidate you could barely hear for the entire duration of the interview. Use recruiting software to share your job posting with remote job candidates.

Allow Candidates To Book Their Own Time Slot

Of managers assess culture fit by observing behavioral cues during an interview. Also, make sure that your virtual interview software integrates with your ATS and is compatible with mobile devices. Of recruiters have been using video in the interview process in the COVID-19 period. Also, pay attention to how you’re shortlisting candidates for your interviews. No matter how much planning you do in advance, or how organized your files are, or even how precisely the team followed the project plan, sometimes things go wrong.