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«But does that matter to the bulldozer? In a trice

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«But she added: «I would never have left

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To go into detail of creationism as if it to anything real _or_

(6) I have scheduled some posts for a holiday thatI will be taking starting next week. I will not be back until second week of April, and will mostly be skiing and hiking in the Alps. I will be in Zurich/St. Sounds like what a creationist would say. What does that have to do with facts? Creationism doesn explain _anything_ in biology, since evolution is the process that governs it.It is quite immaterial what creationists say exactly and how they say it, since it is fundamentally wrong. And that is best shown by the historical didactics as per above.To go into detail of creationism as if it to anything real _or_ argumentative, is to wade into the insane world of religion.

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It is pure stress for the human organism

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